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Book Launch- C215- "Community Service" Paris

C215, " Community Service" / Paolo| Unusualimage

Crack For Your Eyes is partner to the C215's monograph, "Community Service" which gathers the testimonies of a dozen of photographers from Europe and United States on the work of this passionate city lover: Vitostreet (FR), Chrixcel (FR), Romanywg (GB), Luna Park (U.S.), Jaime Rojo (U.S.),Elodie Wilhem (CHE), Lionel Belluteau (FR), Lois Stavsky (U.S.), Jessica Stewart (IT), Vinny Cornelli (US), Unusualimage (GB), Gregory Smith (BR).
Crédit photo : Paolo M. / Unusualimage
“Lorsque j’admire les œuvres de Chis, je suis toujours estomaqué par ses détails et sa façon d’appréhender les portraits. Il y a comme une sorte de sentiment d’humanité qui les éclaire.”
Paolo M. / Unusualimage

"Community Service" will be available in preview on November, 12, 2010 at the Galerie Itinerrance at an exceptional solo exhibition.
Gallery Itinerrance: