Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Thousands@ Village Underground

The Thousands, the art exhibition curated and organized by Vandlog in London . There is really an amazing line up of artists. Subject to slight changes here and there, here’s the full line up:

Adam Neate-Aiko-Anthony Lister-Armsrock-Banksy-Barry McGee-Bast
Blek le Rat-Burning Candy-Chris Stain-David Ellis-Elbow Toe-Faile-Futura 2000
Gaia-Herakut-Jenny Holzer-José Parlá-Judith Supine-Kaws-Know Hope-Nick Walker
Os Gêmeos-Roa-Sam3-Shepard Fairey-Skewville-Swoon-WK Interact.

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